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Mod Post :)

Hey, this is for all new members stopping by. I am your hostess for this evening, my name is Meghan. I own this community, along with my dearest co-mod, Heather. This is the ultimate place on livejournal for Raul Esparza news, pictures, etc.

Have fun! Any questions? See contacts on the sidebar :).

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Wee I saw his hotness in Chitty last Saturday!!
I'm seeing his hotness in Chitty this Saturday lol! How is it? Good? Not that I care... I'm in it for Mr. Esparza.
It was REALLY good. He is a great actor. His voice doesn't match the rest vocally because he's so edgy, but he's so HOT.. Erin Dilly, Jan Maxwell, Marc Kudisch, and Chip Zien were sooo good too.
I love the edge in his voice though. But yeah, his acting is amazing. Oh now I am so excited.
Be excited. We lottoed Spelling Bee because we weren't sure we would like Like Chitty and we lost and I am glad we did. I loved the show.