Meg (_goodbye_love_) wrote in raulesparza,

Raul moment!

OMG... Heather... like, I have a Raul moment. I was in school, right? And the teacher was talking about accents on words. And I was all like, "Like, OMG... Raul has an accent in his name!" It was SO odd.

HAHA jk.

Test, one...two...three ;)
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LMAO.. That was funny.
Thanks plenty ;). Love your icon.
You are very welcome. It amused me. And thank you. I have a theory Maureen truly loved Mark..
Oh I agree. And you just keep whipping out nice icons, huh? Sherie+Norb= sex.
Yay for Maureen and Markness..And thanks. Mine are all specifically designed to my liking lol
Meghan Shirleen is my heeeeero.

Going to bed now. I swear.

....Anything but that!
I am your hero dammit. And don't you forget it! Just kidding.