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10 Raúl Icons & Company wallpaper:)

10 Raúly icons I made yesterday. Hope you like them:) Credit is not necessary, but comments are very welcome.


And one *horrible* [I think so] "Company" wallpaper I made for myself but thought I'd share just in case anyone else wanted to use.

Greetings from Poland, love Raúl and you all, hehe!:*

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Um that COMPANY wallpaper is amazing!

Where did you get all those great production photos? If you would be willing to email me all the production photos you have just so I could have them for my personal collection I would be forever greatful!!!
Than you! I'm glad you like it:)

As for those photos - well, many of them are just nice "google or yahoo search" discoveries, preety many I found on various message boards, musical-related sites, and so on, and so on:) I'm not able to mention all the places I've searched. But yeah, I'm pretty obsessed with looking for 'great' photos;) and collecting them. So, I'll pack them and send to you as soon as possible. Take care!
I totally love them & raul!! :) I'm going to save a few.